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Passion 4 Christ

Want to get and be real with Jesus Christ? Then visit
Copy and paste this url into your browser and your life will be changed 4ever.

wwiTV – Watch La Familia Delafe Live TV broadcast from Puerto Rico.

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Compassion International

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Compassion International is a Christian child sponsorship organization

that exists as an advocate for children, releasing them from spiritual,

 economic, social and physical poverty and enabling them to become

 responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

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Open Doors

Distribute Bible and literature
Leadership training and assistance
Christian community development
Web address is

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Parental Rights

The campaign is dedicated to seeking an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the rights of parents to raise their children. For more information, contact:
P.O. Box 1090
Purcellville, VA 20134-1090
Phone: 540-751-1200

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Samaritan’s Purse

Our work takes us throughout the world to extend the love of Jesus Christ to hurting people. For over 35 years, Samaritan’s Purse has done our utmost to follow Christ’s command by going to the aid of the world’s poor, sick, and suffering. We are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. This, in turn, earns us a hearing for the Gospel, the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

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Gospel For Asia

Planting Churches in Unreached Areas

In each aspect of Gospel for Asia’s ministry, the primary aim is to plant churches among the unreached — those who have never heard the Gospel.

Sending Native Missionaries

Gospel for Asia trains and sends native missionaries because they have proven extremely effective. They are already familiar with the language and culture, and they live at the level of the people they serve, thus removing many social barriers.

100 Percent Goes to the Field

Gospel for Asia sends 100 percent of the money you donate for work on the mission field to the field. Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses.

My Dear Friend,

In our busy lives, it is easy to be so preoccupied with our own dreams and pursuits that we lose our eternal perspective. Both the joys of heaven and the crying needs of a lost world can seem unreal and far away.

But the harsh reality is that 2.7 billion people of our generation are still unreached with the Gospel. What answers are we prepared to give to the living God when He asks about the blood of these multitudes on our hands?

Today, we have the great privilege of helping them come to know Jesus. If we will commit to live for what is eternal, this generation can be reached with the Gospel.

I pray that Gospel for Asia will become like a bridge, giving you the opportunity to walk away from your own preoccupations to the harvest fields of Asia—and see the perishing multitudes through the eyes of Jesus.

May you allow God to use your life to change the destiny of millions through your prayers and partnership with our native brothers and sisters.

A hundred years from now, you will be glad you did!

Yours for the lost multitudes of Asia,

Dr. K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President of Gospel for Asia

Please visit

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The Jalen Rose Foundation

The Jalen Rose Foundation was established by NBA star  and Phoenix Sun’s Guard Jalen Rose to create life-changing opportunities for underserved youth through the development of unique programs and the distribution of grants to qualified nonprofit organizations.  Grants focus on sports and education and are distributed in Jalen’s hometown of Detroit as well as his current NBA home.Primarily funded through generous donations from Jalen, JRF has distributed nearly $1 million to charities.  Most recently JRF awarded a $100,000 grant to the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital and Research Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition to supporting the endowment of a scholarship at the University of Michigan, the foundation distributes 5 four-year scholarships annually to Detroit high school seniors. JRF received more than 230 applications this year from qualified Detroit high school seniors looking for financial assistance. The foundation welcomes individual donations and corporate sponsors so that we can enhance our scholarship program. Every young man and woman deserves access to a college education!

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Music Project/Charity

Myself and some musician friends created a music project/charity focusing on assisting two impoverished communites in Honduras. We created an original music CD and sell the CD on the web with all proceeds going directly to the mission fund supported by our parish church. So far, we have raised $13000 – no one, not me or anyone affiliated with the church, receives a penny. The recording and duplication of the CD, website, brochures, etc. have all been donated so all monies go the fund. This charity, along with other donations, has been responsible for rebuilding roads, chapels, farms, and schools. We have also reprinted schoolbooks for the kids and sent musical instruments for their school program. At this time, our focus has been limited to a small population, but we feel we have made a huge impact so far. Please check out my site, the church links re: the mission, etc, and contact me if you have questions.

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Caring Bridge

As a Minnesota-based organization, our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones affected by the I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Our entire staff and their families are safe, and we continue to work especially hard to ensure that CaringBridge is available for free to families and friends needing to stay connected, informed and supported as they care for loved ones injured in this tragedy.

Whether it’s an accident, disease, tragedy Caring Bridge is there to help keep families in touch.

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Haley’s Hope

Krabbe disease is a lethal, demyelinating condition caused by a deficiency of galactosylceramidase (GALC) enzyme activity. This leads to accumulation of cerebroside and psychosine. The most common form of Krabbe disease is the infantile form. These babies have mental and motor deterioration related to loss of myelin in the brain and peripheral nervous system. They usually die by two years of age. Less common are later onset forms of Krabbe disease that affect children and adults. It is likely that different mutations in the GALC gene cause this variability in onset and severity of symptoms. Sometimes differences may occur even among family members. Krabbe disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, two copies of non-working (GALC) genes must be present for symptoms to occur. Researchers are currently trying to develop methods of treatment.

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Wheels For the World

Joni and Friends’ flagship wheelchair outreach program, informs you on how to donate a wheelchair, crutches, canes, walkers or other rehabilitation equipment through a volunteer organization called Chair Corps. WFTW wheelchair restoration shop requirements are described along with a list of private correctional centers, state prisons and Federal prisons and penitentiaries who partner with Joni and Friends. International Mission Outreaches describes how to apply, what to expect and lists upcoming mission outreach. Wheelchair distribution advises on the three ways wheelchairs are dispensed to disabled individuals living abroad.

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Out To Pasture-Caring For Abused Animals

Many people question why I choose to provide care to elderly, abused, terminally ill and/or physically challenged animals when there are so many healthy animals that are in need of a home.

    My response is to ask a simple question of them – if they had a friend that was elderly, abused, terminally ill and/or physically challenged would they not want to provide them with loving and supportive care?

    With animals we are loved unconditionally.  We dedicate endless time, energy and emotional attachment to them and in return, they become our soul mates, companions and sometimes our guides.  For this simple reason, they deserve the chance to live their lives to the fullest.

    The animals I care for deserve, as do all animals, to live a good life with as much love, peace, dignity and ease from pain as possible.  All of my charges will be fully supported for as long as they are able to live a quality life; however,  I believe that no animal should experience unnecessary pain or suffering simply to prolong its life.

                                          – Carrie Haggart

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The International Institute of Connecticut, Inc.

It’s a non-profit social services agency helping new Americans to get on their feet. Check out the website at

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The Moral Majority

What We Are All About:      
THE FOUR-PRONGED TMMC PLATFORMOur four-fold platform is:

(1) TMMC will conduct an intensive “Voter Registration Campaign” through America’s conservative churches, para-church ministries, pro-life and pro-family organizations.

(2) TMMC will conduct well organized “Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns” in 2008.

(3) TMMC will engage in the massive recruitment and mobilization of social conservatives through television, radio, direct mail (U.S.P.S. and Internet) and public rallies.

(4) TMMC will encourage the promotion of continuous private and corporate prayer for America’s moral renaissance based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

My leadership role in TMMC reminds me of a similar commitment I made more than a quarter-century ago. It was April 1979. I had just founded the Moral Majority and agreed to devote five years to its leadership. I actually gave ten years of my life before disbanding the organization in 1989 to focus on the expansion of Liberty University.

At that time, God burdened my heart to mobilize religious conservatives around a pro-life, pro-family, strong national defense and pro-Israel platform, designed to return America to her Judeo-Christian heritage.

And I distinctively feel that burden again. Our nation simply cannot continue as we know it if we allow out-of-control lawmakers and radical judges — working at the whims of society — to alter the moral foundations of America.

During Moral Majority’s heyday, we registered millions of new voters and re-activated millions more. More than 100,000 pastors, priests and rabbis and nearly seven million families joined hands and hearts to reclaim America for God. Many historians believe the result was the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and the genesis of what the media calls the “Religious Right.”


In 2004, my wife Macel and I watched the election returns until early the next morning. President Bush was reelected (despite apparent manipulation of the early exit polling). Eleven family initiatives passed overwhelmingly in favor of traditional marriage, and opposing same-sex marriage. Unprecedented victories in the Senate and the House strengthened the President’s hand for future congressional action.

Tom Daschle, the Senate Minority Leader who had consistently obstructed President Bush’s efforts to appoint constructionist judges, was defeated. His defeat should serve as a powerful indicator that we have the power to effectively take on politicians who are under the spell of the potent abortion-rights organizations across this nation.

Christian giants like Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, provided energetic and courageous leadership. Dr. Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association, Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, the many national leaders of the Arlington Group, the upstart alternative Internet news sites and more than 225,000 evangelical pastors helped turn out the largest electorate ever. And, I repeat, they all voted Christian!!

We must now diligently work to multiply our turnout for the 2006 and 2008 elections.

As national chairman of TMMC, I am committed to lending my influence to help send out at least 40 million evangelical voters in 2008. The thought of a Hillary Clinton or John Edwards presidency is simply unacceptable (and quite frightening).


Over the past few days, I have been inundated with requests from across America to “finish what you started 25 years ago.”

With more than seven decades now in the rear view mirror, I can honestly say that I feel the leading of the Holy Spirit to answer that call and to once again mobilize people of faith to reclaim this great country as “one nation under God.” My primary “light of the world” calling is to continue serving as pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and chancellor of Liberty University.

But I am praying for the strength and wisdom to also successfully complete my “salt of the earth” ministry. America is worth saving. Our children and children’s children will hold us accountable if we fail.

We will be organizing in all 50 states and enlisting and training millions of Americans to become partners in this exciting task of bringing this nation back to the moral values of faith and family on which it was founded. My National Liberty Journal newspaper will serve as a springboard for this great effort.

I urge my friends around the country to immediately get involved and join me in this commitment, which is really an investment in America, in our children and in our children’s children.

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Gospel For Asia

Planting Churches in Unreached Areas
In each aspect of Gospel for Asia’s ministry, the primary aim is to plant churches among the unreached — those who have never heard the Gospel.
Sending Native Missionaries
Gospel for Asia trains and sends native missionaries because they have proven extremely effective. They are already familiar with the language and culture, and they live at the level of the people they serve, thus removing many social barriers.
100 Percent Goes to the Field
Gospel for Asia sends 100 percent of the money you donate for work on the mission field to the field. Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses.
My Dear Friend,
In our busy lives, it is easy to be so preoccupied with our own dreams and pursuits that we lose our eternal perspective. Both the joys of heaven and the crying needs of a lost world can seem unreal and far away.
But the harsh reality is that 2.7 billion people of our generation are still unreached with the Gospel. What answers are we prepared to give to the living God when He asks about the blood of these multitudes on our hands?Today, we have the great privilege of helping them come to know Jesus. If we will commit to live for what is eternal, this generation can be reached with the Gospel.

I pray that Gospel for Asia will become like a bridge, giving you the opportunity to walk away from your own preoccupations to the harvest fields of Asia–and see the perishing multitudes through the eyes of Jesus.

May you allow God to use your life to change the destiny of millions through your prayers and partnership with our native brothers and sisters.

A hundred years from now, you will be glad you did!

Yours for the lost multitudes of Asia,
Dr. K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President of Gospel for Asia

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Military Families Stay Together Through Video

 Thanks to United Through ReadingKeeping a family close while members are physically separated is a huge challenge for military families, especially in situations where communication is difficult or impossible. But thanks to Target’s support of United Through Reading, fathers and mothers, siblings, uncles and aunts, and even “adopted” mentors and classroom readers can send videos back home of themselves reading favorite books and singing songs. It’s a huge morale boost on both sides, and a constant reminder of love.
  Find out more about United Through Reading at

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Project Cuddle

How It All Began
Project Cuddle® is the result of one woman’s crusade to help prevent infants from being abandoned. Debbe Magnusen and her husband Dave fostered over 30 drug-exposed babies, while raising two biological children. They eventually adopted five beautiful little ones. Thus,Project Cuddle’s® crisis line was formed from the living room of Debbe’s home, with the hope of ending baby abandonment.

On July 8, 1996, the 24 hour toll-free crisis hotline was unveiled to the public. Within 12 hours, Project Cuddle® received its first crisis call. A frightened young woman called and said “I saw you on TV and I know the trash is bad for the baby. You better figure out what to do with this baby or I’m going to put it in the park.” The woman had no prenatal care and assumed she was due in the next week.

With only days to orchestrate a safe and legal alternative to abandonment, Project Cuddle® was able to retain an attorney, a family wanting to rescue and adopt the baby, as well as an obstetrician, hospital and social counselor. Debbe Magnusen coached this woman through the delivery of a beautiful baby girl. After the baby was delivered into the arms of the adoptive parents, the birth mother said to Debbe. “I feel like I’ve done something good for the first time.” The woman did not break the law, the baby was safe and a rescue couple was overjoyed at having a new daughter in their lives.

Statistics indicate that 57
children are abandoned everyday

Statistics indicate that 57 children are abandoned everyday, that’s over 20,000 a year and these are only the ones that are found. Since it’s inception, Project Cuddle® has saved hundreds of babies across the country from the fate of being abandoned, or worse.

 Project Cuddle® was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity in 1994. A volunteer Board of Directors oversees the organization, which Debbe runs on a day-to-day basis with the assistance of volunteers and a minimal paid staff. Since its founding, Project Cuddle® has successfully saved hundreds of babies from being abandoned. Project Cuddle® is committed to helping any pregnant girl or woman regardless of race, creed, religious affiliation, financial status or HIV status.

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Turning Point Christian Center

Where the Road to Recovery Begins

Turning Point is a cutting edge, 15 month, faith-based residential program for men and women which provides healing from life-controlling addictions. Our vision is to see every person with an alcohol or substance abuse addiction freed, restored and prepared to make a valuable contribution to society.
Substance abuse and addictions have plagued 3 out of 4 families in
America. From inner-cities to affluent communities, it has become a modern-day epidemic, destroying lives and damaging families.Under the leadership of John Muratori, Turning Point has experienced remarkable success in recent years, receiving national acclaim from the Department of Mental Health, and Access to Recovery. He has spoken in our nation’s capitol on the plight of substance addiction in our country and the “Jesus Factor” in the faith-based rehabilitation component.
For close to two decades, compassion ministry has been the cornerstone of John Muratori’s ministry. In 2005, John felt the leading of the Lord to take Turning Point national with a vision to equip churches and ministries to effectively fight this growing epidemic in their respective states. Today, TPCC is currently overseeing the establishment of five new centers throughout the
United States.
In addition to new centers, many existing centers are also seeking out Turning Point for covering and direction as they faithfully fight this war.If your church or ministry is interested in starting a Turning Point in your city, please contact our administrative offices for an informational kit:

11 Union St.
Bristol, CT 06010
Main – 860.314.1101
Fax – 860.585.6515
Email –

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) was established in 1955 to assure the development of the means to cure and control cystic fibrosis (CF) and to improve the quality of life for those with the disease. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation supports and accredits more than 115 CF care centers nationwide, which provide high-quality, specialized care for those with CF. These centers, located at major teaching and community hospitals, offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for people with CF and their families. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease where a defective gene causes the body to produce an abnormally thick, sticky mucus that can clog the lungs, obstruct the pancreas and block the bile duct in the liver.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) was born of a group of Catholic Americans concerned about the multiple crises shaking every aspect of American life. Founded in 1973, TFP was formed to resist, in the realm of ideas, the liberal, socialist and communist trends of the times and proudly affirm the positive values of tradition, family and property. In addition to full-time members and supporters, the American TFP and its affiliate campaign, America Needs Fatima, count on over 120,000 supporting members nationwide who donate or promote TFP ideas. The TFP’s America Needs Fatima campaign promotes audiovisual presentations on the Fatima message that personally reach over 50,000 people every year.

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Focus on the Family

Founded in 1977 in response to Dr. James Dobson’s increasing concern for the American family, Focus on the Family (FOF) is a nondenominational religious organization whose primary objective is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by helping to preserve traditional values and the institution of the family. The primary means of accomplishing these goals are radio broadcasts, periodicals, books, films, videos, internet and events which share the message with constituents, schools, churches, and the public at large in the United States as well as around the world.

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World Wildlife Fund

Known worldwide by its panda logo, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) leads international efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats. Now in its fifth decade, WWF works in more than 100 countries around the globe to conserve the diversity of life on earth. With nearly 1.2 million members in the U.S. and another four million worldwide, WWF is the world’s largest privately financed conservation organization. WWF directs its conservation efforts toward three global goals: saving endangered species, protecting endangered habitats and addressing global threats such as toxic pollution, over-fishing and climate change.

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National Parks Conservation Association

The mission of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is to protect and enhance America’s National Park System for present and future generations. Established in 1919, the NPCA is an independent, nonpartisan voice working to address major threats facing the National Park System. We advocate for the national parks and the National Park Service; educate decision-makers and the public about the importance of preserving the parks; help to convince members of Congress to uphold the laws that protect the parks and in support of new legislation to address threats to the parks; fight attempts to weaken these laws in the courts; and we assess the health of the parks and park management to better inform our advocacy work.

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American Missionary Fellowship

American Missionary Fellowship (AMF) is a non-denominational, faith-based mission agency seeking to make a difference in America’s spiritual landscape. We see America as a strategic mission field of great proportions, considering the impact of immigration and the changing social mores impacting our culture. Every year, well over 100,000 people are touched and influenced by AMF missionaries toward faith and growth in Christ. Currently there are 320 missionaries serving with the valuable assistance of 10,000 volunteers. We see four to five thousand people of all ages become followers of Christ annually through our church-planting efforts and many outreach ministries.

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Ambassadors for Christ International – USA

Ambassadors for Christ International – USA (AFCI – USA) is a diverse group of preachers and teachers uniquely bound together in ministry with one vision, purpose and mission. Our vision is to glorify God by life and ministry, seeking to know Him and make Him known to the nations of the world. Our purpose is to be a fellowship of gifted preachers and teachers, called of God, existing to work together with a focus on revival in the church, evangelism through the church and training for the church, among all people groups. We work to impact the Church in the nations and reach the nations within our nation.

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ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal is a core institution in the Jewish renewal movement, dedicated to the Jewish people’s sacred purpose of partnership with the Divine in the inseparable tasks of healing the world and healing our hearts. ALEPH supports and grows the worldwide movement for Jewish renewal by organizing and nurturing communities, developing leadership, creating liturgical and scholarly resources, and working for social and environmental justice. ALEPH has attracted and energized thousands of seekers returning to Judaism, including many whose journey has led them through other spiritual traditions.

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Aldersgate Renewal Ministries

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries (ARM), also known as the United Methodist Renewal Services Fellowship, works to encourage United Methodists and their churches to be filled, gifted, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit in ministry to the world. ARM also helps the church understand the richness of our Wesleyan heritage and history. Since 1974, ARM has sponsored Aldersgate, an annual, national conference on the Holy Spirit, and offers Life in the Spirit Seminars, week-end renewal events, for local congregations. We encourage the formation of Regional Affiliate Renewal Fellowships, which provide opportunities for fellowship. worship, learning and networking at the regional level. ARM is an affiliate of the General Board of Discipleship through the Upper Room Program Section.

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The Alban Institute

An ecumenical, interfaith organization founded in 1974, The Alban Institute supports congregations through book publishing, educational seminars, consulting services and research. We work to provide you with new research-based information and new ways to learn and minister more effectively within and outside your faith community. The Institute encourages dialogue with many traditions, people of diverse ethnicity, men and women, large and small congregations, and those in urban and rural settings. We strive to strengthen American congregational life, ministry, and service.

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Aish New York

Aish New York provides cutting-edge social and learning opportunities for young Jewish professionals in New York City in a warm, welcoming, and open atmosphere. Whether you want business networking events, a crash course in Hebrew, Jewish wisdom for living, or the Israel adventure of a lifetime, Aish New York offers you access to more of the value in being Jewish. Since 1974, Aish has been dedicated to revitalizing the Jewish world by reintroducing Jews everywhere to their heritage. Today it is a dynamic, rapidly expanding Jewish social and educational network committed to a worldwide renaissance of the Jewish people.

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Agency for Jewish Education of San Diego County

The Agency for Jewish Education of San Diego County provides, promotes and facilitates quality educational programs, services and resources for the continuity and enrichment of Jewish life in San Diego. Our programs include: San Diego Limmud: A Community Day of Learning, Coronado Institute, Florence Melton Mini School, San Diego Ulpan, & Special Needs Resources. Additionally, we operate a supplementary high school, serving over 200 teens on two campuses.

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African Enterprise

African Enterprise (AE) was founded in 1961 by a South African, Michael Cassidy, with the express mission to evangelize the cities of Africa, through word and deed, in partnership with the Church. AE is a Christian interdenominational, multicultural ministry of evangelism; reconciliation; leadership development training; and relief and community development. Our scope is all of Africa. AE leaders are African nationals that work with local church and parachurch leaders to mobilize congregations in outreach to African cities. Sixteen or more strategic cities are being reached this way each year. AE’s ultimate vision is to see an Africa of peace and justice through the spiritual renewal and transformed lives of thousands of people.

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Adventist Southeast Asia Projects

Adventist Southeast Asia Projects (ASAP), a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is dedicated to spreading the gospel in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand as well as among resettled Southeast Asians in North America and other countries. ASAP sponsors pastors and lay workers who go from village to village spreading the good news of Christ soon coming to villagers that will listen. ASAP national workers put over 50,000 Bibles in the hands of Southeast Asians in the last ten years.

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Adventist Frontier Missions

Organized in 1985, Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM) is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian lay ministry dedicated to establishing church-planting movements among people groups with no Adventist presence. There are over 1.5 billion people who will never hear the gospel unless someone goes and tells them. Jesus Christ called us to go and share the gospel with these unreached people. Our missionaries learn the language and culture and begin raising up a body of believers, committed to spreading the gospel among their people. Our completed projects have a mother church with at least one daughter church and one granddaughter church. These finished projects are strong and growing with church members committed to and trained for outreach.

Posted by: Maggie | March 28, 2007

Advancing Native Missions

Advancing Native Missions (ANM) has been called to seek out, evaluate, and support native missions groups who have a clear and defined evangelical statement of faith, who are open and transparent in their finances, and who are working among unreached people groups. We share information about these native missions with evangelical churches and individuals in North America and other regions of the world who are willing to pray and give for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through these ministries. ANM exists for one purpose: to help take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world’s remaining unreached and unevangelized peoples. We do this by standing behind thousands of native missionaries who are reaching their own people for Christ in more than 100 countries.

Posted by: Maggie | March 28, 2007

Activated Ministries

Activated Ministries is a Christian charity dedicated to helping those in need, sharing God’s Word with others through the distribution of Christian outreach materials and providing support to missionaries of the gospel, especially those of The Family International fellowship. Our mission is to strengthen families and children by promoting and teaching the moral values and character-building principles of the Bible. At Activated Ministries we are responding to today’s needs with true relief and hope for the future. While we minister to people’s physical needs on a material level, our primary purpose is to help others spiritually; meeting needs for love and hope, faith, friendship and family.

Posted by: Maggie | March 28, 2007


In July of 2006, ACMC merged with Caleb Project to become Initiative360. Initiative360 is in the business of walking with you to explore, discover, activate, and experience your role in God’s mission. Beginning in 1974 as an association of churches concerned about the declining interest in missions, ACMC developed into a champion for the local church’s role in missions. ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment) serves as a missions catalyst for thousands of churches across North America and the world. ACMC challenges and equips the Church to take its rightful place in missions; teaching local churches how to strategically mobilize their spiritual, human, and material resources toward fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Posted by: Maggie | March 23, 2007

Link a Child

LINKACHILD is an initiative aimed at increasing the awareness of the plight of orphans by dissipating information available to potential donors through various avenues. LINKACHILD act only as a link by discovering the orphanages, solicit for support directly to the institutions in need.

In principle, we do not receive funds on behalf of the home but encourage sponsors to relate directly to various institutions through their contacts. In any case otherwise, 100% of funds transferable reach the homes (without deductions) directly as the administrative cost are borne by the management of LINKACHILD.

Administrative information can be sought from us as we bring to the disposal of the society, a versatile range of projects – from orphanage support to child training. Basically, we support a child by handling them a right to life!

LINKACHILD achieves this only, by partnering with you.

What we believe

Our main focus is to be privileged children (orphaned & motherless babies).

We believe that, through proper awareness, everyone will be enlightened to rehabilitating them by giving them basic survival needs such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.

Our Goals

We are committed to discovering the orphanages and their specific needs, hereby solicit for support from corporate organizations and individuals for aid. This we believe will totally eradicate abortion by teenage-pregnancy, help the abandoned & physically deformed children-hence, give these less privileged a reason to live! This is the beginning of giving hope to the future. Nigerians will then take care of Nigeria as we target that every home is fully adopted by individual or corporate support – lacking nothing!.

We do not receive funds on their behalf for integrity sake but create a link for direct access to the homes which we monitor to ascertain its implementation.

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The National Arbor Day Foundation

Founded in 1972, The National Arbor Day Foundation inspires people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. We envision a world where trees and forests are abundant, healthy, and sustainable, and highly valued by all people. Through mass-media communications, by providing low-cost trees for planting, and by producing high-quality, easy-to-use educational materials, we work to make tree planting and care something in which nearly everyone can be involved. We also create mechanisms through which the average individual can directly support positive tree conservation and education projects. It is our constant goal to expand a person’s desire to plant a tree into a lifelong enthusiasm for tree planting and care, and for positive involvement in conservation issues relating to trees.

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International Foundation of Hope

Operating since 1998, International Foundation of Hope recognizes and values the tremendous potential of the people of Afghanistan, and works in three interrelated areas: economic development, community empowerment, and education. IFHope’s approach is to establish and work closely with local community leadership councils to identify needs and implement projects. This process fosters democracy, self reliance and sustainability. In addition, IFHope builds keystone projects to serve as models of innovative entrepreneurial businesses, and seeks partnerships with organizations that have a proven expertise to benefit the people of Afghanistan. IFHope values partnership rather than competition or duplication and promotes no political or religious agenda.

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Goodwill of Orange County

Goodwill of Orange County began helping people to help themselves in 1924. Our mission is to provide people with disabilities and other barriers the opportunity to achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence. Goodwill of Orange County envisions a world where all individuals with disabilities and other barriers will have the opportunity to participate in a full range of life’s experiences, including competitive employment. In support of this vision, we will maintain leadership in creating and providing quality education, training, and employment services to empower individuals to be productive and independent, based on their abilities and interest.

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Freedom from Hunger

Established in 1946, Freedom from Hunger brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty. Together with local partners, we equip families with resources they need to build futures of health, hope and dignity. Freedom from Hunger is best known for its proven self-help service, Credit with Education. We also provide other services that respond directly to the opportunity and need presented in our partners’ countries, including the Reach Initiative, and our special education services to help poor families fight malaria and become financially literate.

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Glaucoma Research Foundation

`The Glaucoma Research Foundation’s (GRF) mission is to prevent vision loss from glaucoma by investing in innovative research, education, and support with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness. Since 1978, the GRF has funded innovative research and provided educational materials about glaucoma. Our donors have contributed over $45 million dollars to this cause. While we do not conduct research ourselves, we work closely with the research community to make progress towards a cure for glaucoma.

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FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East) has for over fifteen years brought the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict to the attention of an American public that is mostly uninformed and misinformed about these matters. FLAME’s main purpose is to research and publish facts regarding developments in the Middle East and expose false propaganda that might harm the interests of the United States and its allies in that area of the world. FLAME is the only organization that, in a systematic manner, acquaints the American public with the truth about Israel, the enormous pressures to which the Jewish State is subject, and the great dangers–existential dangers–it would face if it were to yield to these pressures.

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Caribbean-Central American Action

Founded in 1980, Caribbean-Central American Action (CCAA) promotes private sector-led economic development in the Caribbean Basin and throughout the Hemisphere. CCAA serves its goal of facilitating trade and investment by stimulating a constructive dialogue between the private and public sectors to improve the policy and regulatory environments for business on both the international and local level. The organization conducts policy-oriented programs in sectors such as financial services, transportation, energy, agriculture, apparel, intellectual property rights, tourism, telecommunications, and information technology. Today, CCAA is playing a major role in the advancement of the economic reforms and hemispheric free trade pledged at the 1994 Summit of the Americas.

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Back to the Bible

Founded in 1939, Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people into a dynamic relationship with God. Using radio, TV, the Internet and other media, we share the Gospel message and help Christians grow to spiritual maturity. With broadcasts in more than 25 languages and an Internet reach to millions, Back to the Bible teaches the Word and touches the world. Our mission is sacred. In a desperate world only one thing can help – we must lead people into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word. It’s time to turn back to the Bible.

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Books For Africa

Founded in 1988, Books for Africa (BFA) collects and distributes books to children in Africa. We receive new and used book donations for primary through post-secondary levels from public and private schools, libraries, publishers and the general public. On the receiving end in Africa, BFA partners such as local YMCAs, Catholic and Protestant Church Dioceses, local member clubs of Rotary International and other non-government organizations take delivery of books. These indigenous organizations see that the books are delivered to the appropriate schools and libraries in their areas. Since our inception, we have shipped over 15 million books to 27 countries.

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William J. Clinton Foundation

The mission of the William J. Clinton Foundation is to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. To advance this mission, the Clinton Foundation has developed programs and partnerships in the following areas: Health Security, Economic Empowerment, Leadership Development and Citizen Service, and Racial, Ethnic and Religious Reconciliation. Through the William J. Clinton Foundation, President Clinton promotes the values of fairness and opportunity for all. His vision is the Foundation’s mission: to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.

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Micro Business Development

Micro Business Development (MBD) was founded in 1993 to eliminate barriers to economic independence for community entrepreneurs, both youth and adult, through access to markets, resources, and business capital. These underserved populations include, but are not limited to youth, entrepreneurs with disabilities, refugees, women, non-native speakers and individuals facing the challenges of poverty. MBD has tailored its core programs to meet the specific needs of our community, including specialized services for women, refugees, youth, and clients with disabilities. MBD envisions a world where Microenterprise will be taught, thought, and employed as a core strategy to foster economic health in our communities.

Founded in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was the first humane organization established in the Western Hemisphere and today has one million supporters. The ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA provides national leadership in anti-cruelty, animal behavior, humane education, government affairs and public policy, shelter support, and animal poison control. The NYC headquarters houses a full-service animal hospital and adoption facility. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New York’s animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality television series Animal Precinct on Animal Planet.

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Rye Country Day School

Founded in 1869, Rye Country Day School is a coeducational, college preparatory school dedicated to providing students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 with an excellent education using both traditional and innovative approaches. In a nurturing and supportive environment, we offer a challenging program that stimulates individuals to achieve their maximum potential through academic, athletic, creative and social endeavors. We value diversity, expect moral responsibility, and promote strength of character within a respectful school community. Our goal is to foster a lifelong passion for knowledge, understanding and service.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Roxbury Latin School

Founded in 1645, Roxbury Latin School works to offer young men the finest secondary education available. The oldest school in continuous existence in North America, Roxbury Latin has an enrollment of about 280 boys, grades 7-12. It seeks bright and promising students of various backgrounds from all segments of the greater Boston community. Roxbury Latin’s endowments and the generosity of its alumni, parents, and friends enable the School to maintain a distinguished faculty, to charge a relatively low tuition, and to admit boys without regard to their parents’ ability to pay; the opportunities afforded by the School are therefore available to a uniquely diverse student body. The School’s 65 acre campus is located in southwestern Boston, in West Roxbury.

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Punahou School

Founded in 1841, the Punahou School is a coeducational college preparatory day school in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are committed to providing an environment where students can develop moral and spiritual values consistent with Christian principles; develop intellectual, academic and physical potential to the fullest degree, preparing students for college and for challenges facing them now and in the future; develop and enhance creativity and appreciation of the arts; and appreciate cultural diversity and develop social responsibility. Our 3,700 students, in kindergarten through grade 12, reflect Hawaii’s ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity. Punahou is the largest independent school in the United States.

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The Piney Woods School

Laurence C. Jones founded the Piney Woods School in 1909 in rural Rankin County, Mississippi, to provide poor black students with a head, heart, and hands education. The Piney Woods School recognizes that throughout the United States there are students, especially African-American students, who have the capability to make their lives extraordinary through excellence in education and the development of moral and ethical attitudes. Sadly, many do not have the opportunity to do so for financial or more compelling reasons. For decades, our mission has been to provide excellence in education within a Christian community through the creation of an exceptional and proven academic model.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Phillips Exeter Academy

Founded in 1781 by Dr. John Phillips, a graduate of Harvard and resident of Exeter, Phillips Exeter Academy is a co-educational residential school serving 1,000 students in grades 9-12, and post-graduate level. Exeter’s academic offerings are unrivalled: 350 courses in 19 subject areas. The student to teacher ratio, 5:1, lets students explore the world with great support from the adults in the community. An Exeter education prepares students to use the skills learned at school in all life’s endeavors. Exeter is a life-changing experience, challenging and fun. It asks a great deal from every student – higher standards, greater expectations, and deeper engagement not only in the world of ideas, but also in the life of the community.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Menlo School

Established in 1915, Menlo School is an independent, coeducational college preparatory day school serving students in grades 6-12. The School’s mission is to empower students to explore and expand their interests, reach their fullest potential, develop the skills necessary for success in college, and become ethical, responsible, and engaged members of ever wider communities. Dedicated to providing a challenging academic curriculum complemented by outstanding fine arts and athletic programs, the School helps students develop positive values and nurtures character development in a supportive environment which upholds the highest moral and ethical standards.

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Lakeside School

Lakeside School works to develop in intellectually capable young people the creative minds, healthy bodies, and ethical spirits needed to contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society. We provide a rigorous, academic program through which effective educators lead students to take responsibility for learning. We are committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences instruct one another in the meaning and value of community and in the joy and importance of lifelong learning. In the 2005-2006 school year, 773 students attended Lakeside, studying under 102 faculty members; 99% of graduates went on to college.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

The Kinkaid School

Founded in 1906, The Kinkaid School is the oldest independent coeducational school in Houston. Kinkaid is a non-sectarian college preparatory day school enrolling a total of 1,280 boys and girls in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. The school has three divisions: Lower School (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades 1-4); Middle School (grades 5-8); and Upper School (grades 9-12). Each division has its own faculty, classrooms, and separate identity, and each has a specific educational plan for nurturing its students. Kinkaid’s mission is to promote educational excellence, personal responsibility, and balanced growth, and thereby to help its students to discover and develop their talents and to fulfill their best potentials.

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Lake Forest Academy

Founded in 1857, Lake Forest Academy (LFA) is an independent, coeducational, boarding/day, college preparatory school, grades nine through twelve. LFA strives to embody in its practices and to cultivate in its students excellence of character, scholarship, citizenship, and responsibility. LFA was originally founded as a school for boys in the Presbyterian town of Lake Forest, Illinois. The Young Ladies’ Seminary at Ferry Hall was founded in 1869. The schools proceeded with their separate missions of educating young men or young women until the early 1970s when the schools coordinated their efforts. In 1974, the schools merged to form the coeducational Lake Forest Academy-Ferry Hall School; the school was then renamed Lake Forest Academy.

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Horace Mann School

The Horace Mann School was founded by Nicholas Murray Butler as a co-educational experimental and developmental unit of Columbia University’s Teachers College. In 1946, Horace Mann became financially and administratively separate from Teachers College. Horace Mann seeks to educate and nurture its students and to help them fulfill their potential. To attain this goal, the School provides a challenging and rigorous set of academic and extracurricular programs within a caring and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to test and learn about themselves, to develop a concern for others and to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. The School encourages students to understand that learning is a lifelong endeavor that is valuable in itself.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Greenwich Country Day School

Opened in 1926, the Greenwich Country Day School is a co-educational, independent day school with 840 students enrolled in nursery through ninth grade. The mission of the Greenwich Country Day School is to enable all children in our care to discover and develop what is finest in themselves, to achieve high standards in their studies, in their play, and in their character. We recognize that every child is an individual who possesses unique talents and abilities. In an elementary school program, we promote consideration of others, value diversity, and teach respect for all people. The Greenwich Country Day School maintains high academic standards, a broad and balanced curriculum, and time-honored traditions. We encourage children to take intellectual risks.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Greenwich Academy

Greenwich Academy (GA) is an independent college preparatory day school for highly motivated girls and young women in grades pre-kindergarten through 12. Founded in 1827, GA has a distinguished history of tradition and achievement, including a strong record of placing GA graduates in highly selective colleges and universities. GA values excellence in academics, athletics, the arts and community service. GA students are encouraged to follow their curiosity beyond textbooks and are nurtured and supported by their teachers, advisors and administrators as they take an active role in discovering their full potential and serving responsibly in their communities. GA fosters an appreciation of individual and cultural differences and a recognition of the fundamental interdependence of all people.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Glenwood School for Boys and Girls

Founded in 1887 as Illinois Industrial Training School for Boys, Glenwood School for Boys and Girls is a community supported organization that provides socially and economically disadvantaged children with a comprehensive residential, education and life-skills program in a safe, structured and nurturing environment. At Glenwood, children gain the confidence, skills and courage they need for a better life and future. With campuses in Glenwood and St. Charles, Illinois, Glenwood serves approximately 300 children from more than 60 communities in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

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Eastside College Preparatory School

At Eastside College Preparatory School we are committed to opening new doors for students historically underrepresented in higher education. Our challenging and engaging curriculum enables students to discover their intellectual strengths, sharpen their academic skills, and embrace new opportunities in a culture of learning that supports the potential of every student to enter and succeed in a four-year college and beyond. Eastside students who are the first in their families to go to college create a ripple effect, changing their own lives, the lives of their families, and the life of their community. Since the first class of eight student was welcomed in 1996, Eastside has grown to 210 students in grades 6-12.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

Deal Yeshiva

The Deal Yeshiva is a private Jewish school providing preschool, elementary and secondary education to over 300 students each year. Post-graduate schooling is also available. The teacher to student ratio is 1:12. No website available.

Deal Yeshiva
200 Wall Street
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
tel: (732) 229-1717

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Chatham Hall

Chatham Hall was founded in 1894 by Rev. C. Orlando Pruden to provide secondary school education for Virginia girls. Originally named Chatham Episcopal Institute, Chatham Hall prepares young women for college and productive, fulfilled lives. We esteem equally the intellect and character of each student. A community of honor and trust, we value our Episcopal heritage and welcome students from diverse backgrounds. Our rigorous educational program encourages intellectual growth, creative development, and personal responsibility.

The Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School of Greater Washington is an independent community day school, serving approximately 1,515 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Located on two campuses in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the school is dedicated to creating an environment in which students can grow to their fullest potential as responsible and dedicated members of the Jewish people, and of American society. The school’s mission is based on six basic Jewish precepts: Torah L’Shmah, Ahavat Torah, K’dushah, Ahavat Yisrael, V’ahavta L’Rayakha and Tikun Olam.

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Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School

The Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School is an independent Jewish day school committed to academic excellence by providing each student with a comprehensive general and Jewish education. The school opened in 1946, with a curriculum that combined general education with Jewish values and culture, as well as the Hebrew language. As a school of 450, Day School families and faculty continue to value our child-centered, nurturing learning community for nursery through eighth grade students. Teachers and students exude passion and enthusiasm.

Posted by: Maggie | March 14, 2007

All Saints’ Academy

All Saints’ Academy (ASA) operates a primary, elementary and secondary school in Polk County, Florida. Students obtain a general education with particular emphasis on teaching students morally and spiritually. ASA was established in 1966 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to offer youth of the parish a solid elementary education. It began with a single kindergarten class, and the Pre-K 4 class was added in 1967. By 1989, the school enrolled students through seventh grade. The Hampton Campus opened in 1995 to accommodate grades 6-12. In 1997, the first eight students graduated from ASA. Today, we continue to provide a high quality college preparatory education in a Christian environment.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) was established in 1984 to help prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation; help find missing children; and assist victims of child abduction and sexual exploitation, their families, and the professionals who serve them. Pursuant to its mission, NCMEC serves as a clearinghouse of information, operates a CyberTipline, provides technical assistance to individuals and law-enforcement agencies, assists the U.S. Department of State in certain cases of international child abduction, offers training programs, distributes photographs and descriptions, coordinates child-protection efforts with the private sector, networks with nonprofit service providers, and provides information about effective state legislation.

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North Cascades Institute

North Cascades Institute (NCI) seeks to inspire a closer relationship with nature through direct experiences in the natural world. Our mission is to conserve and restore Northwest environments through education. Since 1986, we have helped connect people, nature and community through science, art, literature and the hands-on study of natural and cultural history. Our goal is to help people of all ages experience and enjoy the mountains, rivers, forests, people and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest – so all will care for and protect this special place. NCI is committed to innovation and excellence in environmental learning and leadership. We believe that sustainable communities are built on healthy environments, vibrant economies and social equity.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

American Skin Association

The American Skin Association (ASA), founded in 1987, is the only volunteer-led health organization dedicated – through research, education and advocacy – to saving lives and alleviating human suffering caused by the full spectrum of skin disorders and cancer. Through its national grants and awards program, the ASA has given more than $5 million in recognition and support of research to promising physician/scientists and leading figures in the field, and to research centers at major institutions throughout the country. ASA helps raise the level of awareness among government decision makers regarding the need for additional funding for skin disease research, which today remains among the National Institutes of Health’s lowest priorities.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

National Ataxia Foundation

The National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) was established in 1957 to help persons with ataxia and their families. The word ataxia is often used to describe a symptom of incoordination which can be associated with infections, injuries, other diseases, or degenerative changes in the central nervous system. Ataxia is also used to denote a group of specific degenerative diseases of the nervous system called the hereditary and sporadic ataxias which are the National Ataxia Foundations primary emphases. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of persons affected by ataxia through support, education, and research. The Foundation has also developed an extensive library of NAF brochures, fact sheets, books, and other educational material relating to ataxia.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Environment Northeast

Environment Northeast addresses large-scale environmental problems that threaten regional ecosystems, human health or the management of regionally significant natural resources, primarily in a bioregional ecosystem including New England and eastern Canada. We address these problems through policy analysis; collaborative problem solving efforts; and an advocacy program that promotes environmental sustainability. Environment Northeast accepts funding from sources that allow us to maintain our independence as an impartial source of information and a credible advocate. Nearly all of our funding is from independent foundations and individual giving.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Action on Smoking and Health

For more than 36 years, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has served as the legal action arm of the nonsmoking community, bringing or joining in legal actions concerning smoking, and insuring that the voice of the nonsmoker is heard. ASH’s mission is to: protect nonsmokers from the clearly-established dangers of secondhand tobacco smoke; reduce the deadly toll of smoking by banning the advertising and promotion of cigarettes, and by keeping them out of the hands of children; force those who use or profit from tobacco to pay the enormous costs of smoking which are now borne largely by nonsmokers; end all government support of the tobacco industry; and serve as a clearinghouse of information and ideas for all people concerned about smoking, both here and abroad.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Dogs for the Deaf

Founded in 1977, Dogs for the Deaf works to rescue and professionally train dogs to assist people and enhance their lives. Hearing Dogs are chosen from adoption shelters, where they might otherwise be euthanized if no homes are found for them. By using shelter dogs we are able to help alleviate some of the unwanted dog population by rescuing these dogs, training them, and placing them in loving homes where they can provide an important service. The program’s investment per Hearing Dog is approximately $25,000. This includes the selection of the dog, veterinary care, training, placement, and follow up.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Operation Lookout

Operation Lookout is dedicated to locating missing, abducted, and runaway children and reuniting them with their family or guardian at no cost to the family. We are committed to locating missing children through active casework investigation, assisting law enforcement agencies, and preventing child abduction through education and public awareness. Regardless of the duration of the search process, we are dedicated to providing practical help, technical support, and advocacy to the victim families or legal guardians of missing children. Since 1984, our resolve has been to remain involved throughout the duration of a case until the child is recovered and not close a case until authorized by law enforcement or the searching family.

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The Larry King Cardiac Foundation

Established in 1988, The Larry King Cardiac Foundation (LKCF) works to provide funding for life saving cardiac procedures for individuals who, due to limited means and inadequate insurance, would be otherwise unable to receive life saving treatment. The Foundation works in conjunction with hospitals throughout the nation to ensure that such patients receive proper medical attention. Doctors performing these surgeries do so at cost. Hospitals are compensated only for the materials used. Hearts are repaired. Families are given another chance. Lives are saved. The Larry King Cardiac Foundation has an ambitious goal to save a heart a day.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

New York Restoration Project

Founded in 1995 by Bette Midler, the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) carries out Midler’s dream of a cleaner, more beautiful New York. NYRP restores, develops, and revitalizes underserved parks, community gardens, and open space in New York City. We invest in the communities we serve by providing on-going maintenance and programs because we believe that every individual has the right to a beautiful neighborhood and the responsibility for contributing to its care. Since its founding, the NYRP has served over 5,000 economically disadvantaged youngsters with free environmental education and recreational programming, including bicycling, canoeing, gardening, parks ecology, boatbuilding, and rowing programs.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Christopher Reeve Foundation

The Christopher Reeve Foundation (CRF) is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy. CRF’s roots stretch back to 1982 when the American Paralysis Association was formed. The founders of the American Paralysis Association had an unwavering belief that researchers and neuroscientists, working together, would find a way to connect and regenerate the damaged nerves and cells that result in paralysis. Today, our belief in a cure is shared by the neuroscientists, researchers, clinicians and, perhaps most importantly, thousands of people living with spinal cord injuries and their families.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund

The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund was founded by Paul Newman in 1985 to serve children and families coping with cancer and other life threatening diseases. The Fund’s primary activity is the operation of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The Camp, in collaboration with its associated camps in the United States and abroad, provides children with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions a camping experience of the highest quality, while extending year-round support to their families and health care providers. In addition, the Fund provides assistance in the form of grants and financial and other support to other camps and organizations in the United States and in other countries whose mission, objectives and operations are consistent with those of the Fund.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) is the leading charitable funder and advocate of type 1 (juvenile) diabetes research worldwide. The mission of JDRF is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. JDRF was founded in 1970 by the parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a disease which strikes children suddenly and requires multiple injections of insulin daily or a continuous infusion of insulin through a pump. Since its founding, JDRF has awarded more than $900 million to diabetes research, including more than $98 million in fiscal year 2005.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Lance Armstrong Foundation

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) believes that in the battle with cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist, Lance Armstrong, the LAF inspires and empowers people with cancer. We serve our mission through education, advocacy, public health and research programs. LAF has spent more than $9.6 million granted toward cancer survivorship and testicular cancer research, more than $1.7 million invested in the development of five comprehensive cancer survivorship centers across the country, and nearly $1.6 million invested in survivorship education and outreach initiatives.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is dedicated to ensuring the development of a cure for Parkinson’s disease within this decade through an aggressively funded research agenda. Enormous progress toward finding a cure has been made on many neurological fronts, and scientists’ understanding of the brain and how disease affects it has increased dramatically. The Foundation seeks to hasten progress further by awarding grants that help guarantee that new and innovative research avenues are thoroughly funded and explored. Actor Michael J. Fox established the Foundation in May 2000.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007


Established by concerned American citizens, USA for UNHCR builds support in the United States for the humanitarian work of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Our mission is to inform Americans about the plight of refugees and advocate for their protection. We want to give individual Americans, frustrated by the growing refugee crisis and their own inability to do something to help, a way to put action behind their words. UNHCR provides protection, shelter, emergency food, water, medical care and other life-saving assistance to over 19 million people worldwide, who have been forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution. Since its formation in 1950, UNHCR has helped an estimated 50 million refugees restart their lives.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

The Children’s Health Fund

The Children’s Health Fund (CHF) is committed to providing health care to the nation’s most medically underserved children and their families through the development and support of innovative primary care medical programs, response to public health crises, and the promotion of guaranteed access to appropriate health care for all children. CHF is dedicated to meeting the complex and challenging health needs of underserved children. We partner with major academic medical centers to deliver care to disadvantaged children in rural and urban areas. We also use our unique experience and insights to be a voice for children in need, advocating for policies and public programs that remove roadblocks to quality health care for all children.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Scholarship America

Founded in 1958, Scholarship America has distributed more than one billion dollars to more than one million students. Scholarship America is the nation’s largest private scholarship and educational support organization. We work to expand access to educational opportunities by involving and assisting communities, corporations, foundations, organizations and individuals in the support of students and in the encouragement of educational achievement. Scholarship America programs include Dollars for Scholars, Scholarship Management Services, and ScholarShop.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Partners In Health

Founded in 1987, Partners In Health’s (PIH) mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. The work of PIH has three goals: to care for our patients, to alleviate the root causes of disease in their communities, and to share lessons learned around the world. Through long-term partnerships with our sister organizations, we bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need and work to alleviate the crushing economic and social burdens of poverty that exacerbate disease. PIH believes that health is a fundamental right, not a privilege. PIH works in Haiti, Rwanda, Peru, Russia, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, and Lesotho.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

California Community Foundation

Established in 1915, the California Community Foundation is one of the largest and most active philanthropic organizations in Southern California, with assets of more than $800 million. The foundation offers a wide range of philanthropic services to individuals, families and institutions across Los Angeles County. In partnership with its donors, the foundation supports nonprofit organizations and public institutions with funds for health and human services, affordable housing, early childhood education, community arts and culture and other areas of need.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara

For 43 years, the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara has helped local students pay for their higher education – vocational, community college, or four year college or graduate school. Through the granting of scholarships, we inspire, encourage and support Santa Barbara County students in their pursuit of college, graduate, and vocational education. Beginning with nine $100 book awards in 1962, we have grown to $7 million in student aid for 2006-2007, including 1,601 scholarships and 1,228 student loans.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust is dedicated to one, single purpose: building better lives for our nation’s disabled veterans and their families. To carry out this responsibility, the Charitable Service Trust supports physical and psychological rehabilitation programs, meets the special needs of veterans with specific disabilities such as amputation and blindness, and aids and shelters homeless veterans. In addition, the Trust is a grant maker, expending $12.7 million in service to disabled veterans and their dependents since 1988.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

The National Christian Foundation

The National Christian Foundation (NCF) was founded in 1982 to meet the giving needs of numerous individuals and families who were looking for a more innovative and tax-smart way to manage the charitable portion of their estates. Since our inception, NCF has helped thousands of people give over one billion dollars to the ministries and causes they believe in, rather than to the federal government in the form of taxes. Though similar in nature to secular community foundations, NCF exists primarily to support churches and ministries and other charities whose work is not antithetical to the Christian faith. NCF marked 2005 by accepting $361 million in contributions from thousands of donors and making $195 million in grants to charities.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

America’s Second Harvest

America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network feeds America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engages our country in the fight to end hunger. It is the nation’s largest charitable hunger-relief organization, with a network of more than 200 Member food banks and food-rescue organizations serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. America’s Second Harvest supports approximately 50,000 local charitable agencies operating more than 94,000 programs including food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, after-school programs, and Kids Cafes. Last year, the America’s Second Harvest Network provided food assistance to more than 25 million low-income hungry people in the United States.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Gifts In Kind International

A generous 3M corporate product donation in 1983 marked the beginning of Gifts In Kind International (GIKI), a charitable organization that today is the seventh largest charity in the U.S. Today, nearly half of the Fortune 100 consumer and retail product corporations rely on GIKI to design and manage the donation process. Driven by a mission of providing an effective conduit for the donation of products, goods and services from the private sector to the charitable sector, GIKI is the recognized leader in the field of product philanthropy. In the past year, GIKI and its global affiliates distributed nearly $900 million dollars in quality products to a network of more than 200,000 charitable nonprofits around the world.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Food for the Poor

Food For The Poor is a Christian relief and development agency dedicated to sharing the love of Christ by helping the poor. By working through a well-established network of clergy, we deliver aid where it is needed most. Founded in 1982, Food For The Poor aids the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America. Our ministry provides lifesaving nutrition to malnourished children, builds houses for families in need of shelter, supports orphanages and homes for the elderly, provides medical care and supplies in hospitals and clinics, drills wells for the thirsty, educates children, provides skills training for the unemployed and much more. Since our founding, we have distributed more than $3 billion in food, medical, educational, building and small business supplies.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

Feed the Children

Feed The Children is a Christian, international relief organization that delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disaster. Since 1979, we have grown into one of the world’s largest private organizations dedicated to helping hungry and hurting people and have reached children and families in 118 countries around the globe. Through schools, orphanages and church-related programs, we touch the lives of millions of children. A key goal is to help needy families move past needing help and become self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term development programs, thousands of families worldwide have increased their ability to be self-sufficient.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

American Cancer Society

Founded in 1913, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. With more than two million volunteers nationwide, the American Cancer Society is one of the oldest and largest voluntary health agencies in the United States. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the ACS has state divisions and more than 3,400 local offices.

Posted by: Maggie | March 10, 2007

World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, World Vision serves alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007


AmeriCares is a disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization providing immediate response to emergency medical needs, as well as supporting long-term humanitarian assistance programs for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion. AmeriCares solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies and other relief materials from U.S. and international manufacturers, and delivers them quickly and efficiently to indigenous health care and welfare professionals around the world. AmeriCares responds to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, tornadoes and famine, as well as human suffering arising from political strife. Since its inception in 1982, AmeriCares has provided more than $5 billion of aid in more than 137 countries.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has helped people mobilize to help their neighbors for 125 years. Last year, victims of a record 72,883 disasters, most of them fires, turned to the Red Cross for help and hope. Through more than 800 locally supported chapters, more than 15 million people each year gain the skills they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and world. Almost four million people give blood – the gift of life – through the Red Cross, making it the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the U.S. As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, a global network of more than 180 national societies, the Red Cross helps restore hope and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Volunteers of America

Founded in 1896 by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth, Volunteers of America is a national, spiritually based organization providing local human service programs and opportunities for individual and community involvement. From rural America to inner-city neighborhoods, Volunteers of America provides outreach programs that deal with today’s most pressing social needs. Volunteers of America helps youths at risk, frail elderly, abused and neglected children, people with disabilities, homeless individuals and many others. Now in our second century of service, Volunteers of America is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive human services organizations, touching the lives of nearly 1.8 million people each year in communities across the United States.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

The Nature Conservancy

Founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working to protect the most ecologically important lands and waters around the world for nature and people. Using a non-confrontational, collaborative approach, they work closely with partners, corporations, indigenous people and traditional communities all over the world. Their science-based plan works to achieve tangible results while striving to exercise integrity beyond reproach and to operate openly and transparently.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

United Food Bank

Established in 1983, United Food Bank began operation in Mesa, Arizona. We work to provide access to nutritious food for those who are without, serving as a community bridge between those who want to help and those who are in need. United Food Bank defines its work as “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” Our decision making is always measured by our values which promote the alleviation of hunger, the importance of nutrition, outcomes of self-sufficiency and independence, while preserving at all times the self-esteem and dignity of the individual.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

Founded in 1986, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin distributes food to more than 300 charitable programs that feed the hungry in 16 southern Wisconsin counties. Through food and fund donations from corporations, organizations, businesses, foundations and individuals, the food bank is able to distribute food to qualified charitable shelters, food pantries and meal sites. Second Harvest is one of the leading distributors of donated grocery items to charitable food programs in southern Wisconsin. Second Harvest works on behalf of these programs to centralize the food donation and distribution process, which allows the charitable food programs to focus on service delivery.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (SHFB) is a private organization that collects and distributes more than 30 million pounds of food each year to low-income children, adults and seniors. Formed in 1974, SHFB currently serves an average of 162,000 individuals each month; nearly 60% are families with dependent children. SHFB is a certified member of America’s Second Harvest, a network of food banks and food distribution programs in the United States.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina

The Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina was founded in 1981 and opened its doors in 1982 to address the growing needs of people seeking emergency food assistance in Northwest North Carolina. Since then, we have experienced dramatic growth in food distribution, operations and programming to better serve our more than 380 partner agencies and the thousands of people who rely on the food they provide each year. To date, the Second Harvest Food Bank has distributed nearly 90 million pounds of food to non-profit agencies and churches that feed our hungry neighbors in 18 counties. We are a proud member of America’s Second Harvest, The Nation’s Food Bank Network, comprised of more than 200 food banks and food rescue organization.

The Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana works to acquire and distribute food in partnership with agencies serving people in need. We are a member of the America’s Second Harvest National Food Bank network, an agency of the United Way and the Office of the Social Apostolate. Each year, we distribute more than 12 million pounds of donated and surplus food from the food industry and government commodities to 350 social service agencies throughout southern Louisiana. Second Harvest Food Bank is the cornerstone of hunger programs in Southern Louisiana.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

San Antonio Food Bank

The mission of the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) is to acquire and distribute at the lowest possible cost adequate and nutritious food and related products to charitable organizations that provide for needy individuals and families. Founded in 1980, SAFB serves as a clearinghouse by receiving and storing truckloads of donated food, produce, and other grocery products. SAFB distributes these items in manageable quantities to more than 400 human service agencies that help people in need. Through our network of partner agencies, the SAFB served 21,300,000 meals to poor and hungry individuals and families this year.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

St. Mary’s Food Bank

On September 1, 2005, St. Mary’s Food Bank merged with the Westside Food Bank creating the St. Mary’s/Westside Food Bank Alliance. St. Mary’s/Westside Food Bank Alliance serves 13 of Arizona’s 15 counties. The Food Bank is committed to providing food to Arizonans in need through more than 900 partner agencies throughout the state. These agencies serve a wide range of clients, the majority of those being families with children and seniors. The two food banks combined as St. Mary’s / Westside Food Bank Alliance will distribute approximately 60 million pounds of food to families and individuals in need in one year, provide enough food for 200,000 meals every day, and garner more than 200,000 volunteer service hours.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Operation Food Search

Established in 1981 to address the growing problem of hunger, Operation Food Search (OFS) has become the largest food bank offering food free of charge to the St. Louis region helping to feed the poor and hungry. OFS distributes more than one million pounds of perishable and non-perishable food and household items to 300 food pantries and soup kitchens who offer emergency hunger-relief to nearly 100,000 poor people every single month. Nearly half the recipients are children. The OFS service area includes 30 Illinois and Missouri counties surrounding the City of St. Louis. OFS also increases awareness on issues of hunger and works to eliminate waste in the bi-state region.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

St. Louis Area Foodbank

The St. Louis Area Foodbank feeds hungry people by distributing food through its member agencies, and educates the public about the nature of and the solutions to the problems of hunger. We gather and distribute nearly 12.6 million pounds of food each year to 450+ food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and emergency feeding programs throughout 14 counties in eastern Missouri and 12 counties in southwestern Illinois. We help the elderly, single-parent families and the working poor. Children comprise the largest segment of the population in need of food. Hunger does not discriminate. It affects poor and homeless people in urban and rural areas.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Redwood Empire Food Bank

The mission of the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) is to build partnerships to end hunger. Founded in 1987, REFB is Sonoma County’s largest hunger-relief organization. We acquire food and distribute it through a network of charitable agencies and our own food assistance programs, and also provide food to Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties through five smaller food banks. In addition, the REFB advocates for effective legislation that will provide long-term solutions to hunger in our community. During fiscal year 2004-2005, 8.1 million pounds of food was distributed.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank (OFB) is the hub of a statewide network of 894 hunger-relief agencies serving Oregon and Clark County, Washington OFB recovers food from farms, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individuals and government sources. It then distributes that food to 20 regional food banks across Oregon. In addition, OFB directly operates three regional food banks serving the Portland metro area and southeast Oregon. Those three centers distribute food to more than 300 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other programs helping low-income individuals in Clackamas, Clark, Multnomah, Washington, Malheur and Harney counties. OFB also works to eliminate the root causes of hunger through advocacy and education.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Northwest Harvest

Established in 1967, Northwest Harvest is the only statewide hunger relief agency in Washington. It operates the Cherry Street Food Bank in Downtown Seattle and secures over 18 million pounds of food for distribution through warehouses in Grays Harbor, King, Stevens and Yakima counties. Northwest Harvest supplies this food, without fees of any kind, to over 300 food banks and meal programs across the state. In an average month, these programs provide approximately one-half million services to people in need. More than half of those served are children and the elderly.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Founded in 1983, Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB) is the link between the national food manufacturers and local agencies that serve the hungry directly. NIFB acquires, gathers, handles, and distributes food to hungry people through a network of more than 520 agency partners. NIFB serves Boone, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, LaSalle, McHenry, Stephenson, Will, and Winnebago Counties. We distributed 20 million pounds of food in 2005.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Northeast Iowa Food Bank

Founded in 1981 to reduce food waste and meet a need for emergency food in the community, the Northeast Iowa Food Bank provides nutritious food to nonprofit organizations and individuals throughout Northeast Iowa. More than an estimated 35,700 Northeast Iowa-area residents, including nearly 14,600 children, receive emergency food assistance each year from the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. The Food Bank serves 200 agencies and over 300 programs in a 16 county service area.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Kansas Food Bank

The Kansas Food Bank (KFB), which incorporated in 1983 and began operations in 1984, provides comprehensive and compassionate HungerCare whenever and wherever it is needed to safeguard the health, well-being and productivity of food-insecure Kansas families and their children, as well as senior citizens, the homeless and the chronically ill and impoverished among us. KFB serves over 400 agencies in 86 Kansas counties distributing over 4.5 million pounds of food each year. These counties cover more than 73,000 square miles in Kansas. KFB works with other America’s Second Harvest agencies to share large quantities of food that any one food bank could not distribute alone.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Linn Benton Food Share

Linn Benton Food Share is the regional food bank for Linn and Benton Counties. Since 1981, Food Share has been committed to fulfilling our goal that “Everybody Eats.” Through our network of 72 agencies we attempt to reach every person who cannot find enough resources to adequately feed themselves or their family. We prevent hunger by soliciting, transporting, storing and distributing nearly five million pounds of food each year to our member agencies-emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, child and senior care centers, shelter homes, and gleaning groups.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Island Harvest

Island Harvest works to end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island. Since 1992, Island Harvest has been serving as the bridge between those who have excess food and those who need it. A trained corps of dedicated volunteers rescues surplus food from commercial donors and collects canned and packaged foods from collection campaigns. This food is donated to hundreds of community-based non-profit organizations, which results in a reduction of their food expenses. Since our founding, we have picked up more than 30 million pounds of nutritious food, with a value of more than 60 million dollars.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Idaho Foodbank

The Idaho Foodbank in an efficient and caring manner, provides food, information, and supportive services to hungry people through partnerships with nonprofit agencies, the food industry, government, volunteers, corporations, and individuals by serving as a central clearinghouse for donated and purchased food. The Foodbank has three central points in Idaho where donated food and merchandise is collected. The food is than distributed to non-profit feeding programs. During fiscal year 2006, the Foodbank distributed 5,503,320 pounds of food.

Posted by: Maggie | March 9, 2007

Houston Food Bank

Founded in 1982, the Houston Food Bank helps feed the hungry by providing nutritious food and other essentials to 400 nonprofit programs in 18 southeast Texas counties. In this past year, the food bank distributed more than 27 million pounds of product to its member programs to enhance the nutritional well being of those at risk in our community. We also offer nutrition education and outreach programs. Our Kids Café program serves healthy meals year round to as many as 500 at-risk kids.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

The Carter Center

Founded in 1982, the Carter Center, in partnership with Emory University, is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health. While the program agenda may change, The Carter Center is guided by five principles: it emphasizes action and results. Based on careful research and analysis, it is prepared to take timely action on important and pressing issues; it does not duplicate the effective efforts of others; it addresses difficult problems and recognizes the possibility of failure as an acceptable risk; it acts as a neutral in dispute resolution activities; and it believes that people can improve their lives when provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, and access to resources.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Care Net

Care Net was founded in 1975 to encourage practical and compassionate solutions to reduce abortions in the United States and Canada. In 1980, Care Net opened its first affiliated pregnancy center in Baltimore, Maryland. Today, Care Net is the largest pregnancy center affiliation organization in North America with a network of more than 1000 Christian pregnancy centers. Care Net pregnancy centers offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, peer counseling services, post-abortion support, and other practical, emotional, and spiritual help to empower women and men facing pregnancy related concerns. All Care Net pregnancy centers are committed to serving women in need with care and integrity. This commitment to excellence in care is upheld through our standards of affiliation. Also, all Care Net pregnancy centers are committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Hawaii Foodbank

Founded in 1982, the Hawaii Foodbank in partnership with the food industry and community serves as a link between charities and those in need of food assistance. Our drivers collect food from supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers and bring them to our warehouse for inspection and sorting. Goods are then available for distribution to 250 charitable agencies on Oahu to feed our hungry. We serve the elderly, families, children, and those facing financial crisis each week. Last year, the Hawaii Foodbank distributed 8.2 million pounds of food.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Greater Chicago Food Depository

The Greater Chicago Food Depository, Chicago’s food bank, is a food distribution and training center providing food for hungry people while striving to end hunger in our community. The Food Depository distributes donated and purchased food through a network of 600 pantries, soup kitchens and shelters to almost a half-million adults and children every year. Last year, the Food Depository distributed more than 40 million pounds of non-perishable food and fresh produce, dairy products and meat, the equivalent of more than 84,000 meals every day. Innovative training programs and initiatives developed by the Food Depository also work to provide men, women and children with the tools necessary to break their individual cycles of poverty.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank exists to service short-term, unmet food needs of individuals in the greater Baton Rouge area through existing or social service providers, churches/synagogues and other organizations. Established in 1984, the Food Bank’s purpose is accomplished by supporting or providing services such as food distribution and educational programs. We provide food to more than 100 charitable agencies operating food pantries, group homes, shelters, meal sites and special agencies. We help 7,500 people each day through the Food Bank network.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007


Foodshare is the regional food bank and distributes more than 11 tons of food per day to 350 local programs that feed hungry people in Hartford and Tolland Counties. Foodshare provides food to food pantries, community kitchens, shelters, and other social service organizations in every town in Greater Hartford. These programs serve children, families, and seniors and provide over a quarter of a million meals each month! With all Foodshare has accomplished, it is still not enough! The 8.3 million pounds of food distributed last year works out to only 83 pounds per hungry person per year – less than two pounds of food per person per week. We have to keep up the effort to do more!

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007


Founded over 28 years ago, FOODLINK has grown to serve a ten county area in the Genesee Valley and Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. As a member of America’s Second Harvest, FOODLINK obtains and redistributes over 7.5 million pounds of food annually to a network of over 550 programs. As the foodbank for these regions, FOODLINK works with area food retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers to acquire, sort, store and redistribute food to our member charity programs including emergency food programs. In addition, FOODLINK also provides food to hundreds of non-emergency programs like group homes, day cares, senior centers and camps.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia

The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia (FSEVA), a member of America’s Second Harvest and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, has served hungry people in since 1981. The Foodbank is a warehouse or “bank” where recovered and contributed food is collected, sorted and distributed to over 611 agencies including church pantries and area Kids Cafes who then prepares and serve the food to those in need. FSEVA has established 25 Kids Cafes, wonderful after-school feeding programs for disadvantaged latchkey children. FSEVA also provides low-income seniors with highly nutritious food items, particularly towards the end of the month when most food budgets are low or depleted.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County receives donated and surplus food from manufacturers, farmers, and local grocers and distributes these products to qualified social service agencies and churches. These agencies, in turn, provide food to those in need. Food banks enable agencies to access a greater quantity, quality, and variety of food. The Foodbank started operations in 1982. Today the Foodbank has grown to serve over 100,000 families and individuals, providing them nearly six million pounds of food yearly by partnering with over 200 social service agencies and churches.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, which began in 1984, collects donated and surplus food in its warehouse and distributes it to charities serving families in need. We also run several programs that address the root causes of hunger. Our mission is to provide food for as many hungry people as possible. Last year, we distributed over 3.4 million pounds of food to over 200 charities in our two counties.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

FOOD Share

As Ventura County’s only regional food bank, FOOD Share has collected and distributed food to people in need for over two decades. We now feed 38,000 monthly through 240 certified charitable agencies: children, families in crisis, low-income seniors, homeless, handicapped, disabled and many others. We are also the major food lifeline in times of natural disasters — earthquakes, floods and fires. FOOD Share is dedicated to ending hunger in Ventura County. FOOD Share is a proud member of America’s Second Harvest, the Nation’s Food Bank Network.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline is dedicated to ending hunger in Western Washington. As Washington’s largest hunger relief agency Food Lifeline is working to provide nutritious food to hungry people in Western Washington. Last year, Food Lifeline secured more than 21 million pounds of food – the equivalent of nearly 16.4 million meals – to feed hungry families and individuals throughout Western Washington. Food Lifeline provides food to more than 550,000 people through our network of 250 emergency feeding programs including food banks, hot meal programs and shelters.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Gatherers

Food Gatherers exists to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community by: reducing food waste through the rescue and distribution of perishable and non-perishable food; coordinating with other hunger relief providers; educating the public about hunger; and developing new food resources. Food Gatherers is not only Michigan’s first food rescue program, but the first program of its kind to be founded by a for-profit business, our own Zingerman’s Delicatessen. Founded in 1988, we provide enough food for more than 5,500 meals a day. Food Gatherers brings the food more than 150 community programs serving our neighbors – mostly families and children, in need of food.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank of the Rockies

Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) was founded in 1978 and known as the Colorado Food Clearing House. Operating from a 900 square-foot schoolroom in northwest Denver, the fledgling organization collected food from nearby Safeway stores and distributed it to one needy agency. Today, the Food Bank has extended its reach across northern Colorado and into Wyoming, providing food supplies to more than 900 hunger relief programs. FBR exists to create an efficient means of channeling food to participating agencies that count on us to meet the needs of the hungry. Last year, we distributed more than 20.5 million pounds of food, enough to provide 43,000 meals each day to needy children, seniors and families.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank of South Central Michigan

Established in 1983, the Food Bank of South Central Michigan’s mission is to feed hungry people by collecting and distributing food and grocery products, advocating for hunger-relief programs and collaborating with others who address basic human needs. We believe that no one should go hungry and we are dedicated to building and sustaining a community that makes grocery products accessible to all people. In a typical year we serve 92,018 individuals through our 272 member agency network covering eight counties in south central Michigan.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, established in 1981, serves 22 counties of Michigan, providing food to those in need through more than 380 non-profit, Partner Agencies. We serve as a common solicitor, storehouse and distributor of food on behalf of our Partner Agencies. Our food comes from surpluses in the grocery industry. The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is one of 14 food banks in the state who also make up the Food Bank Council of Michigan. In 2004, the Food Bank distributed over 15.2 million pounds of food.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

The Food Bank of Corpus Christi solicits and distributes food that might otherwise go to waste or be discarded by manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. Since 1982, the Food Bank has been fighting hunger in the Coastal Bend by providing food and personal care products to various charity and service agencies in an eleven county area including Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells, Kennedy, Kleberg, Live Oak, McMullen, Nueces and San Patricio counties. It is estimated that 35,000 people eat food from the Food Bank on a monthly basis.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

Established in 1980, the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina provides food to people at risk of hunger in 34 counties in central and eastern North Carolina. In 2005-06, the Food Bank distributed over $31.4 million pounds of food through 890 partner agencies including soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and after school programs for children. The agencies are served out of a primary facility in Raleigh and branch warehouses in Southern Pines, Durham, Greenville and Wilmington.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank For New York City

The Food Bank For New York City was founded in 1983 to coordinate the procurement and distribution of food donations from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and government agencies to organizations providing free food to the city’s hungry. Today, we are one of the largest food banks in the country and a leading distributor of free fresh produce. To date we have collected, warehoused and distributed more than 676 million pounds of food to the city’s needy. We provide over 67 million pounds of food annually to more than 1,200 nonprofit community food programs – including soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, low-income day care centers, Kids Cafes, and senior, youth and rehabilitation centers – throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Food Bank for Larimer County

In 1984, the Food Bank for Larimer County was founded to avoid duplication of food collection and distribution efforts by nonprofit agencies. Our mission is to reduce hunger through programs that collect, process, store and distribute food to individuals and in cooperation with agencies that serve those in need. We are the only America’s Second Harvest clearinghouse for donated and rescued food in Larimer County. In 2005, we reduced hunger by distributing 4.6 million pounds of donated and surplus food from the food industry, government commodities, food drives and other sources to approximately 40,000 residents. These residents represent single-parent families, the working poor, senior citizens, youth in crisis, the disabled and the homeless.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

End Hunger Network

End Hunger Network’s mission is to end hunger in the greater Houston area. For twenty years, End Hunger Network’s programs have made it easy for Houstonians to donate food to the thousands of men, women, and children who go hungry in our community. Through food rescue and distribution, End Hunger Network removes the barriers – lack of transportation, marketing, and experience – that prevent our community from using available food resources to feed those who suffer from hunger. We work behind the scenes, connecting food donated by individuals and food-industry businesses with food pantries, emergency shelters, and other hunger-relief agencies in eighteen Houston-area counties. We collect enough food to feed 6,000 people daily.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

East Texas Food Bank

The East Texas Food Bank is dedicated to eliminating hunger in the East Texas area. We provide emergency food assistance to individuals and families in need in 26 East Texas counties through a network of member agencies. Since our beginning in October, 1988, we have collected and distributed more than 60 million pounds of usable, quality, donated food and grocery products to member agencies serving the needy. The East Texas Food Bank provides food to over 200 member agencies, consisting of church pantries, emergency relief agencies, shelters, children’s homes, day care centers, rehabilitation programs, senior citizens centers and other outreach programs.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Dare to Care Food Bank

Founded in 1971, Dare to Care Food Bank is an interfaith agency, and is the Louisville area’s only community-wide emergency food provider. We rely completely on donations of food, money, and volunteer services to meet the ever growing challenges of fulfilling our mission. The mission of Dare to Care Food Bank is dedicated exclusively to relieving hunger throughout the entire Louisville and Southern Indiana metropolitan area. With a special emphasis on the needs of infants and children, the elderly, and the ill and infirm, we offer a variety of crucial programs that have been established to help fulfill that mission.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Connecticut Food Bank

Founded in 1982, Connecticut Food Bank (CFB) is the largest centralized source of donated, emergency food in Connecticut. CFB is a private organization whose mission is to alleviate hunger by supplying food products and resources to eligible agencies throughout our service areas in Connecticut, and to promote public awareness about the problem of hunger. CFB provides food and other resources to more than 650 food assistance programs such as soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and adult and child day care centers in six of Connecticut’s eight counties. In 2005, CFB distributed 16.6 million pounds of food. Since 1982, CFB has distributed more than 140 million pounds of food.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Community Food Share

Community Food Share is dedicated to improving lives by turning your small acts of generosity and kindness into a big difference in the lives of hungry families and children in your community. Working through more than ninety member agencies, Community Food Share efficiently delivers more than three million nutritionally balanced meals each year, and serves as a safety net for those who are hungry in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Our member agencies include soup kitchens, emergency assistance programs, senior programs, shelters, child care centers and agencies serving disabled citizens, the mentally ill, low-income working poor and at-risk youth.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Community Food Banks of South Dakota

In January 2004, the Food Service Center (Sioux Falls) and the Black Hills Regional Food Bank (Rapid City) merged together to become the Community Food Banks of South Dakota. At the Food Banks we distribute donated, purchased and reclaimed food to over 500 nonprofit charitable organizations, in all 66 counties of South Dakota, who provide meals and emergency food boxes to those in need. Our community pantries in Sioux Falls and Rapid City provide emergency food to individuals and families throughout the local community who are in need of food assistance. In 2005, we distributed over 8 million pounds of food in this fight against hunger.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Cleveland Foodbank

Founded in 1979, the Cleveland Foodbank works to alleviate hunger by providing food and support to agencies that feed the hungry. The Foodbank serves as a clearinghouse for surplus food in the greater Cleveland area. We solicit donations from local and national food suppliers and manufacturers, and then distribute that food to hunger programs. The Foodbank works closely with other Northeast Ohio hunger relief organizations, providing food and nonfood products to hunger centers administered by the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland, the Catholic Hunger and Shelter Network, and the Salvation Army, among others. In 2004, the Foodbank distributed over 17 million pounds of food to more than 400 hunger programs.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Channel One Food Bank

Channel One Food Bank helps feed people in need through an efficient system of collection and distribution of food and non-food items to non-profit organizations that serve low-income people. Channel One Food Bank takes in millions of pounds of surplus food from the food industry. That food is then distributed through our network of member agencies, including food shelves, soup kitchens, group homes and shelters. This past year, the Channel One Food Bank obtained 4.8 million pounds of food and distributed 4.6 million pounds through the hunger relief network that serves a 14 county service area in Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Channel One is certified member of America’s Second Harvest, The Nation’s Food Bank Network.

Posted by: Maggie | March 8, 2007

Central Virginia Foodbank

The Central Virginia Foodbank (CVFB) was founded in 1980 to procure and distribute food efficiently and effectively to feeding programs throughout the area. Since then, the CVFB service area has grown to include 31 counties and six cities in the Central Virginia region. Presently, we distribute food through a network of 500 partner agencies, which includes more than 100 child-care providers serving needy children. In addition, we serve as many as 4,000 daily meals in the summer and 2,000 daily meals during the school year to needy children through our 40 Kids Café programs. The amount of food we distribute has steadily grown over the years. In fiscal year 2004-2005, we distributed more than 11.3 million pounds of food to the hungry.

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