Posted by: Maggie | March 23, 2007

Link a Child

LINKACHILD is an initiative aimed at increasing the awareness of the plight of orphans by dissipating information available to potential donors through various avenues. LINKACHILD act only as a link by discovering the orphanages, solicit for support directly to the institutions in need.

In principle, we do not receive funds on behalf of the home but encourage sponsors to relate directly to various institutions through their contacts. In any case otherwise, 100% of funds transferable reach the homes (without deductions) directly as the administrative cost are borne by the management of LINKACHILD.

Administrative information can be sought from us as we bring to the disposal of the society, a versatile range of projects – from orphanage support to child training. Basically, we support a child by handling them a right to life!

LINKACHILD achieves this only, by partnering with you.

What we believe

Our main focus is to be privileged children (orphaned & motherless babies).

We believe that, through proper awareness, everyone will be enlightened to rehabilitating them by giving them basic survival needs such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.

Our Goals

We are committed to discovering the orphanages and their specific needs, hereby solicit for support from corporate organizations and individuals for aid. This we believe will totally eradicate abortion by teenage-pregnancy, help the abandoned & physically deformed children-hence, give these less privileged a reason to live! This is the beginning of giving hope to the future. Nigerians will then take care of Nigeria as we target that every home is fully adopted by individual or corporate support – lacking nothing!.

We do not receive funds on their behalf for integrity sake but create a link for direct access to the homes which we monitor to ascertain its implementation.


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