Posted by: Maggie | August 14, 2007

Music Project/Charity

Myself and some musician friends created a music project/charity focusing on assisting two impoverished communites in Honduras. We created an original music CD and sell the CD on the web with all proceeds going directly to the mission fund supported by our parish church. So far, we have raised $13000 – no one, not me or anyone affiliated with the church, receives a penny. The recording and duplication of the CD, website, brochures, etc. have all been donated so all monies go the fund. This charity, along with other donations, has been responsible for rebuilding roads, chapels, farms, and schools. We have also reprinted schoolbooks for the kids and sent musical instruments for their school program. At this time, our focus has been limited to a small population, but we feel we have made a huge impact so far. Please check out my site, the church links re: the mission, etc, and contact me if you have questions.



  1. Thanks for including me! I know our friends in
    Honduras will appreciate your assistance in
    spreading our message. I’ll do my part to tell
    others about “Worthy Orgs…” – you are doing a wonderful
    service! Peace and God bless!

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